A transformative approach to online business

Social media marketing is more important than ever, but it is also very time consuming and changing daily. Social media marketing when done right can drive targeted traffic to your site. SMO and SEO can work side by side. Social media marketing can also help you understand your audience, build relationships with your audience, establish you as an industry expert, increase brand awareness, one of the most powerful aspects to social marketing is the ability to target and remarket to visitors.

Research, content writing, graphics, trends and connecting with communities are just a few things that may take up your valuable time. You might not be able to keep up with a daily posting schedule across multiple platforms, but we can help you fill in the gaps and implement reporting and accountability for the time and money spent. We have a staff of dedicated professionals who can manage your social portals like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also manage the PPC within social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Our program has real time reporting for transparency that is easy to read and understand.

Social Media Programs

New Social Booster Package

This service will establish the social portals that will work best for your business, we will open the proper type of account, do bios, brand them, fill out all information about your company, 20 professionally written and designed social post, create a spread sheet with all your links, logins, and passwords.

Monthly Maintenance Programs

These programs include from 20- 100 post per month. They included increasing your likes and followers, spam monitoring, blog writing, writing and researching of post topics, professionally designed artwork, updating post, sharing in groups, following relevant people or organizations, retweets, spam monitoring, responding to comments, use of relevant #tags, participating in relevant topics, uploading videos, joining communities, sharing in communities.

We also have specific programs to manage your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.


A transformative approach to online business