Accountability in marketing is a key to our success and long term relationships!

Accountability has become another business buzz-word. When you review the definition of accountability, it doesn’t really shed much light on its importance, “ac•count•a•bil•i•ty [uh-koun-tuh-bil-i-tee]: the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.” (

Marketing has always been this secret black box, why? Well, most marketers or marketing companies cannot give measurable results because they do not have the processes or experience to identify what should be measured.

Here at our company over 10 years, and 3000 clients has given us the unique perspective on how to collect data and present details weekly and monthly reports for our clients.

We within this program give you a tactical agenda where you will print out your activities, as well as your weekly and monthly reports. We give you a side by side comparison of where you were and where you are. Then we review these quarterly at our mastermind retreats, or on a conference call. We have proven methodologies and want to be completely transparent. This approach has given us one of the heist retention rates in our industry, why? It is based on trust and communication.

Below you will see a slide show of some of our reporting, these are just two reports of many reports we create within our program.


Example of monthly reporting:



Example of weekly reporting: