A transformative approach to online business

There are many ways to create a business plan for your new business. Many companies will create a one-and-done business plan for you, at the cost of a few thousand dollars. Other free services will teach you how to write a business plan, which costs time that you may not have to waste. Our business plan creation program delivers a living and evolving document that changes as your business does over the first year of start-up. But it gives you so much more than just a plan to give the bank, for example:

Simple Process

  • Step by Step Instruction: Fill-in-the-blank simplicity walks you through entire process beginning to end
  • Sample Plans: 500+ sample business plans covering all industries to defeat writer’s block
  • Export Your Plan: Export your business plan at any time to Word or PDF format. Your pitch can be exported to PowerPoint for beautiful slideshow presentation
  • Collaboration Tools: Collaborate easily across your team. Share plans securely with partners and investors
  • Benchmark Data: Find out how your company is doing compared to others in like industry, size, or locale
  • Milestones: Create milestones for the key events in your plan and start tracking your progress
  • Secure & Confidential: Your business data is complete locked down and safe. Guaranteed


  • Automatic Financials: No hassling with formulas. Financial tables, charts, and reports automatically calculated
  • SBA Approved Form Produces lender-approved, professional, visually impressive documents
  • One-Page Pitch: Build an infographic executive summary for quick pitching
  • Performance Dashboards: Visual dashboards for real-time tracking against budgets and sales goals for the first year
  • QuickBooks Online & Xero Integration: Real-time syncing with your accounting software for at-a-glance reports
  • Investor-Ready Business Plans: Here’s the guarantee: your plan’s financial tables and charts will be error-free, and your final plan will look polished, customized to your needs, and ready to impress investors, business partners, banks and SBA-lenders.
  • Tracks Day-to-Day Performance: Dashboard feature is a visually-and-information rich business dashboard that keeps your finger on the pulse of the health of your business, highlighting the most crucial information you need to track in your business. It syncs in real-time with QuickBooks Online and Xero accounting software, making Excel and cumbersome reports a thing of the past.
  • Compare your Business to your Competition: Within the plan you can compare your plan (and your actual performance) to real businesses just like yours. This ensures that you have an accurate and realistic plan when you are building your budgets, and helps you stay on track once you are up and running.


  • Phone, email, and chat support
  • Expert Consultation throughout the entire process
  • Expert video tutorials and definition of key terms from renowned business plan expert
  • Update your plan and track your business health from anywhere with internet
  • Multi-Device Cloud based so PCs, Macs, and tablets are all welcome

A transformative approach to online business