A transformative approach to online business

Our mission in creating your Learning Management System (LMS) is duplication, systemization, accountability, and quality control.  We can help you add eLearning to your organization giving you the ability to attract more customers, save time and money, add more classes utilizing the resources and material you have, and service an unlimited number of students across the world. As your product offerings or customer base change, additional modules can be added to your LMS.

There are two areas that LMS application can give you an immediate ROI. Internal implementation, and External implementation. Here are some highlights of both these benefits:


  • Professional development
  • Expand employee knowledge on products and processes real time
  • Connect work at home employees to the core organization and keep a consistent tonality across all departments within your workforce
  • Bring in experts to teach areas of expertise and not have to worry about travel, or scheduling around presentation times.
  • Train on new products and services, then quiz participants to evaluate the retention of the materials
  • Identify real time employees struggling within any area of your company, so you can focus on those areas to strength knowledge
  • Keep track of administration, documentation, reporting and delivery of e- courses
  • Opportunity for executives to train one to one without having to conduct the training repeatedly, ensuring a consistent delivery of information
  • Gamification makes it fun to share internal progress
  • Leadership boards can inspire competition between departments or individuals, which is a winning thing for businesses
  • HR reinforcement tool for things like policies, and best practices as well as overall job performance.


  • Organize all your materials
  • Share your materials in a systematic way eliminating the ability for the learner to jump around the course
  • Ask questions at the end of lessons to evaluate and assist participants who may be struggling with a topic
  • Gamification makes the process fun and can be used internal within your LMS community or externally in their social environments
  • Ability to present your systems to people without the interpretation of an outside presenter
  • A one to one connection in the comfort of their learning environment
  • Give all participants the exact same experience and materials and monitor the masses with easy to read reporting
  • Reduce your travel expenses
  • Let people spend more time with you throughout the process by adding videos of you in key places
  • Bring in experts and have them present key sections
  • Get email notifications when people need assistance or hit a milestone
  • Include participants in a community where they can share their common passion for the materials and goals

What does the normal LMS include?

  • Create up to 10 Modules for ONE course
  • Create up to 60 lessons per course
  • Create quizzes
  • Compile checklists
  • Compile digital resources provided by client
  • Program, implement, test and adjust software’s to run and manage LMS
  • Gamification

A transformative approach to online business