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Audra M. Hajj


Audra M. Hajj is a passionate and savvy business owner who has earned a phenomenal reputation for her innovative concepts and intelligent business approach. In 2014, she was nominated for the prestigious Top Woman in Business Award given by the Orange County Business Journal for her unique approach and diligent work in building a solid career out of being the tough guy.

Change is often a difficult thing to deal with for many people, but over the last 10 years, Audra has created a proven formula for change within her ad agency. She gives her clients the ability to become the good guy, while she takes on the more difficult role of change. What does this mean? It means that when employees complain about changes, the business owner can be a sympathetic ear rather than the bad guy causing the changes. And if employees see that a paid professional is controlling the changes, they will be much more receptive to the changes that are taking place.



Over the last decade, Audra has built a highly reputable ad agency that has over 300 employees. Her methodology and the key to her great success is in delivering niche expertise in all areas that are needed for online companies to succeed. With more than 3000 clients, and seven millionaire clients who came to her with initial concepts only, it is clear she is doing something amazing for her clients.

People who meet Audra instantly feel her drive, passion, and energy. She truly wants to help business owners succeed. When asking her if she enjoys what she does, she states, “I almost feel guilty getting paid. I love my job more today than yesterday, and yesterday at work was the best day of my life!”

Audra is currently the CEO of Turboecart, and a speaker and author.


Her latest book, Internet Ignition, is about how to build a profitable online engine. She is also in the process of co-authoring a new book with Bob Urichuck, the bestselling author of Velocity Selling. Their new book, Velocity Conversions, will be about the power of uniting sales and marketing departments.


The Phoenix Business Launch

In 2016, Audra is launching her new program, The Phoenix Business Cycle, and has scheduled a 30 city tour to present this transformative online business approach. This program uses the symbolic Phoenix bird to explain the different phases in a business owner’s life.

The Blue phase, which is the “Do-It-Yourself phase,” is where you decide to learn all of the things to build and promote your business. The Shift stage, which is the “Multiple Vendor Chaos phase,” is when you decide you need outside businesses to handle things like SEO, design, content writing, SMO, video production, programming and more. This stage often results in a lot of money spent, very few results, and business owners spending all of their time chasing missed milestones and undelivered promises. After seeing these self-destructive phases, Audra decided to create a program which utilizes her 300 niche-trained employees to deliver a marketing approach that starts with deliverables, then adds coaching, accountability, and transparency. She then goes one step further to add quarterly live mastermind retreats, and ends the year with an awards gala for business owners and their families.

A 12-month program

This 12-month program begins with branding, SEO, SMO, content writing, video creation, and viral cutting-edge marketing methodologies that are proven to take businesses to new levels of success.

The program is then designed to teach business owners and their employees how to use these tools. Audra delivers a tactical agenda for each account, where her clients are encouraged to print out the weekly and monthly detailed reports, as well as the detailed sales training, webinar agendas, and activities.

Her program offers a money back guarantee on her services, so business owners have nothing to lose in seeing how Audra can take their businesses to new heights.

A few pearls of wisdom:

The most precious thing in a business owner’s life is their time. They can do what no other person can in their business, but many times I meet with business owners doing 3-9 employee jobs. Things that are necessary but not good for them to be doing. I want to free the business owners who are trapped working in their business and have them start working on their business.

This is where they can grow their business and start to dominate their industry. With the proper support staff that is customizing, systemizing, and actualizing their online needs, they regain 60% of their time, and it is said that 1 hour in a business owner’s life is valued at $500.00! We give them their time and a staff that is highly skilled and accountable, which results in peace of mind.


Audra M. Hajj

CEO, Speaker, Author

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A transformative approach to online business