A transformative approach to online business

You’re a business owner, so of course you have a million things on your plate. In fact, you may have a lengthy to-do list that rivals Santa’s naughty and nice lists! Things need done, but may not be getting done. Deadlines are getting missed, and clients or other business connections are getting upset. To your horror they are starting to look towards your competitors. Quick! What do you do?! Of course you can hire more people to help with the workload or find content writers, a website designer, some programmers, SEO experts, and whoever else you can find to keep your business afloat. However, now you realize you have a dozen people to manage. They are asking you questions, expecting to be paid, trying to deliver goods and a whole host of other things that take up your valuable time. It has all become very overwhelming! This is what we call multiple vendor chaos. You’re not the only business owner to fall into it, so don’t worry. There’s always a way to calm the chaos when you’re in the Shift Phase of the Phoenix Business Cycle.

Narrowing Down your Vendor Selection

Let’s find the root of your stress here: too many vendors. While the term “the more the merrier” sounds pleasant, in reality it can cause more headaches than help for your business. Instead of opting to hire specialists on single tasks, how about hiring a firm with multiple specialists? For example, instead of a website designer, a mobile app developer, a content writer, and an SEO expert, why not look for an internet marketing agency that covers all of that under one roof? This is much better in more ways than one than dealing with multiple vendors. You will get one point of contact, one point of delivery, and one vendor to pay. Look at that, you just eliminated 3 points of chaos from your life. See how simple it can be? Multiple vendor chaos is extremely easy to fall into, but equally easy to escape from. It sometimes just takes an outside eye to help you see the path you need to take.

Controlling the Chaos

Of course it’s okay for you to delegate tasks out to others so you can effectively run your business the way you want to. However, hiring too many vendors can end up causing more stress than you had in the first place. Multiple vendor chaos has the word “chaos” in it, after all, so finding that perfect balance is not going to be quick and simple. Sometimes you need to take some time to consider the consolidated source before just jumping into it.

We here deal with businesses in this phase everyday, we give you the opportunity to work on your business rather than in your business and give you milestones, deliverable dates, and one person to mange all the departments at our company working on growing your business.

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A transformative approach to online business